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In June 2022, my mom experienced the first of two terrible falls, resulting in a fracture on each side of her tailbone. She had surgery in July and entered rehab for physical therapy in August. The pain was excruciating for her, and no one truly understood. She was the strongest person I’ve ever known - mentally, emotionally, and physically. Nothing stopped her. During that month, she pushed herself to the breaking point as we watched and prayed.

While she was in the hospital, her aunt Doris, who was only 2 years older, would visit almost every day. They grew up together and were more like sisters. During one of these visits, my mom, having an especially hard day, needed a hug from Doris. As Doris leaned in, my mom's crying immediately stopped when she felt Doris’ arm. She rubbed her skin and couldn’t believe how incredibly soft it was. Intrigued, my mom wanted to know her secret. Doris reluctantly revealed that she made her own moisturizer and had been using it for the past 13 years. Mom asked if Doris would make her some, and Doris agreed, asking for it to be kept a secret.

Mom didn't keep it a secret. She showed anyone who visited how soft her skin was becoming, attributing it to Doris’ homemade moisturizer. The day I visited them, mom had me feel Doris’ arm, and I was blown away. Her skin was like silk! I noticed her hands looked smooth and youthful for someone close to 76 years old. Mom gave me a container of what they all referred to as “the concoction,” and I started using it mostly as a hand lotion. Then I tried it on my legs after shaving and was blown away again. It was when my husband commented on how soft my skin was that I started using it daily.

Mom gave me more in September and another container in October. A little goes a long way with this moisturizer, especially in warmer months, so I was set for a while. Sadly, mom passed away the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and my trips home became less frequent. As I was running out of the moisturizer, I called Doris for more and realized I should probably learn how to make it myself. Doris and I had the best visit, and she taught me how to create “the concoction.”

My husband suggested more people should benefit from it and encouraged me to sell it. I shared samples with friends and family, and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Many people loved it, even those loyal to their tried-and-true brands.

We value using better ingredients without perfumes or unnecessary additives, focusing on what truly works for the skin. After all, we are all about skin care.

We all get lotions as gifts because they’re consumable and easy, but I found myself washing store-bought lotions off immediately because they sat on top of my skin instead of soaking in or the scent was all I could smell and would become more bothersome than pleasant. This moisturizer, however, doesn’t sit on the skin. Thirty seconds after applying, you only feel soft skin, not product. And, it's unscented. We focus on how it takes care of skin

When friends and family called asking for more, I knew I was onto something. I created the brand name Doris Jane in honor of my great-aunt, developed a logo, and here we go. Aunt Doris gave her blessing, saying she is honored and proud. There’s no stopping now. It’s full speed ahead. I hope you enjoy watching Doris Jane Skincare grow!


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